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Automated booking system or IVR.

IVR (Interactive voice response) gives ABC taxis the ability to offer a faster, efficient service to our customers. The system allows customers to book a taxi without speaking to an operator.
Once the customer is registered, the system will automatically offer the automated service.

Generally it takes 15-20 seconds to book a taxi using the automated service.

The first step is to register your phone(Landline or Mobile) and advise us of your regular pick up point, when you're ready to be collected from your pick up point , simply dial ABC Taxis and when prompted by our automated system, press the number of the pickup point you require and a taxi will be dispatched to you straight away.

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Free ring back service.

When booking your taxi , ask our friendly operator for our free ring back service. When the taxi is approaching , your phone will ring twice to alert you. There is no need to answer, just look for the taxi. Our free ring back number is 01633 660 102 you can store this number in your phone as ABC Taxis outside, that way you know your car is waiting.


A new convenient way to book your taxi from your computer screen at your leisure Ebooking allows you to book your taxi directly onto our system at no extra cost. Ebooking brings to you quicker booking times and no mistakes as you get just what you order when you want it. You have complete control over the booking and its all done through a safe and secure website.

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